In less than a months time, Indian will be holding second round of military exercises along Sino-Pak border areas using Russian-made T-20 tanks without any formal advance intimation to either Beijing or Islamabad. Earlier New Delhi organised massive military exercises near Pakistans Rajasthan area involving army and air force. Reports have appeared in defence journals and related websites ranking India as the top weapons buyer amongst the developing countries in 2010, something that only bears testimony to its war hysteria. These are not routine exercises and are being held with a purpose. Defence experts and observers are of the view that these war games are being held with full blessing of the United States which is bent upon propping up India as a counterweight to China in the backdrop of Beijings rise as the next super power both economically and with defence point of view. These attempts by India clearly indicate that India has nefarious designs against its neighbours. Therefore, it is incumbent upon Pakistans government as well as its security forces to respond to New Delhis war mongers by doing what needs to be done. There is an urgent need to explore all our options to revisit our defence deal with China and look for new vistas for arms purchases since the United States is not a reliable ally anymore.