It is quite strange that the PPPs top brass including President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani in Islamabad on Monday stated that in league with their allies they would foil conspiracies against them. They particularly blamed the opposition for scheming to topple the government before the Senate elections. In the same vein President Zardari stated that the opposition was also afraid of PPP victory. To begin with, it is but nonsensical to assume that the PML-N has been trying to dislodge the government. If this was the intention, it would have long been able to achieve this goal as it had a number of opportunities. For more than three years, it had been criticised as friendly opposition merely because it did not become part of any move to derail democracy, although at times it was quite harsh in its criticism of the federal government. Hence, there is reason to believe that the PML-N has been opposing the government while remaining within its constitutional and democratic parameters and in no way has been hatching conspiracies as President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani would have us believe. Secondly Presidents contention that the opposition is afraid of PPPs victory is ridiculous to say the least. In this point in time, the entire countrys populace is up in arms. Whether it is loadshedding crisis, inflation, decay of national institutions, corruption, Balochistan conundrum or deteriorating law and order situation, the governments callous neglect has generated an untold amount of public anger. Demonstrations virtually on every nook and cranny of the country only speak volumes about the sentiment on the street. This popular outrage provide a good idea of what is going to happen in the upcoming elections at least so far as the fate of the PPP is concerned. The perception therefore that the PPP is its own worst enemy cannot be discarded. By following anti-people policies, it is digging its own grave. Indeed if the election commission is reformed in true sense of the word, in a way that it can rule out the possibility of registration of bogus votes (whose number was estimated to be in millions), the public would be able to elect rulers of their choice. That will be the day of reckoning for the PPP.