Apart from the strong presence of Indian advisors dominating the Afghan government, India has established a string of consulates and intelligence posts inside Afghanistan along the border with Pakistan. Way back a report in Defence and Foreign Affairs Special Analysis Pakistan: the Delicacy, and Inevitability, of the Political Transition Now Underway, noted: The Indian government has created a string of consulates along the Afghan side of the Pakistan border, largely as intelligence collection facilities, and the large number of Indian intelligence officials were working closely with Afghan intelligence officials. This caused the Pakistan government some concern, given that the US was facilitating the Indian intelligence build-up against Pakistan to be conducted while the Pakistan Army and government have been working with the US in the area. There is more than a little feeling in Islamabad that this has been an act of poor faith on the part of the US towards Pakistan, on which the US is completely reliant. The US media reporting and US officials, buying their own propaganda that the war against the Taliban is going well and insisting that the problem is only that Pakistan is not doing enough in the war on terror have failed to understand that (a) Pakistan has committed more men and lives to the war on terror than the US, but is also suffering far more from it than the US, and (b) that Pakistan is using both carrot and stick to achieve the long term victory over terrorism, insurgency, and secessionist or anarchical tendencies in its border areas, especially Waziristan. Pakistan has significantly controlled the supply of weapons in the country. It has issued a ban on new weapons licenses, a ban on displaying any kind of weapons, and a ban on the possession of illegal weapons. It has recovered some 600,000 weapons in the past few years, along with 3.5-million rounds of ammunition. It is in the process of promulgating a new Anti-Terrorism Act to deal speedily with the cases of terrorism. Pakistan has dramatically reorganized, retrained, and upgraded its police forces. It has required the registration of the madrassas. Substantial new immigration controls have ensured that the normal flow of people into Pakistan through airports and official checkpoints can be strictly monitored through the PISCES (personal identification secure comparison and evaluation system) process. The government has banned a number of sectarian organizations. The security apparatus under Gen Kayani has reoriented its approach to intelligence and security at a strategic level, creating a world class capability with a key component of counter-terrorist wing (CTW). As a result, Pakistan now cooperates with more than 50 governments worldwide. The list of arrested senior terrorist figures, and the list of killed senior terrorists leaders, by Pakistani forces, is significant. However, the Afghan government has failed to account for what happened to these Taliban. Pakistan has identified that some of them were released by Kabul despite being on so-called wanted lists of Karzai government. So much so that Afghanistan has provided safe havens and secure sanctuaries to those who escaped death in Pakistan at the hands of security forces. One such sanctuary is in the heart of Kunar province, where the Governor of the province with the obvious backing of Karzai government and NATO-ISAF forces. It is obligatory for the US, new CIA chief Gen Petreaus, NATO and ISAF commanders as well Karzai government and the Kunar province governor to stop offering the Pakistan-wanted terrorists who are responsible for the killing of hundreds of innocent Pakistani citizens and security forces personnel. If this is not stopped, it would mean the Afghan government, its mentors and collaborators are harbouring terrorism to destabilize Pakistan. ESCHMALL SARDAR, Islamabad, October 6.