This article is in reference to the incident which occurred in Swat regarding the martyrdom of Pak Army’s Major. Gen. Niazi and two others in a road side bomb explosion for which the Tehreeke-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility. This attack created a wave of anger throughout the country but unfortunately no senior political leader expressed solemnity publicly on the event. Even PTI chief, Imran Khan didn’t mention any solemnity on the martyrdom of Pak Army’s General in his speech that day. The Talibans demanded some actions to be taken before any negotiations take place, including withdrawal of troops from Fata and release of their men imprisoned in jails which are estimated to be above four thousand. They said that such attacks would continue to take place and dialogue couldn’t get initiated until their demands are met. This showed that they were demanding greater autonomy and power from the government

The next day i.e. September 16, COAS Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kiani in his speech paid tribute to the martyrs and warned the terrorists that peace process would not be initiated until they stop their malicious designs. He further said that army has the will and determination to handle the terrorists and that they should not make any unjust demands. The Army Chief said that he knew what the people wanted and he would do what was required.

Such unethical attitude from our corrupt political administration is not considered in the best interest of the country. One must remember and acknowledge the sacrifices made by the army, the way its soldiers have laid down their lives on various fronts to protect the country and the way they are fighting to protect Jinnah’s Pakistan in the best possible, way we must appreciate it.

Today our enemy has no clear face and has no identity; it’s trying to weaken us by suicide bombings, killing civil and military personals and doing every anti-state activity which might weaken the country. In this chaotic situation Pak Army stands united and expects the whole nation to support it. One must know that peace agreements with extremists are not possible because unless and until these people lay down arms the negotiations won’t take place. These people should not be given a free hand to develop their infrastructure in tribal areas because this will lead to a state within a state which is against the constitution and against the two nation theory.


September 27.