A hooligan, with a foot long mustache, holding a huge stick, accompanied by Lahore police—who people now call ‘Shahbaz Police’, is seen mercilessly smashing parked cars outside Minhajul Quran. The live coverage was aired on all private TV channels, internally and in all countries, where Pakistanis live, now he has been acquitted by our honorable judiciary. Yes, the notorious Gullu Butt is free; he did not commit any crime. Three things have become clear, first that the law is for the rich and it prosecutes only the poor. Secondly, all you need to do, to be exempted from Pakistan Penal Code, and to indulge in any kind of crime, from raping to assassinating and from pillaging to terrorizing the poor, is to be a sidekick of a high profile politician or a millionaire, as they would never let you down. Thirdly, expecting justice from the judiciary, at least under the current regime, is a pipe dream. I must congratulate Gullu Butt, on being declared not-guilty—I am sure he was framed by the media. This may have encouraged many a rouge among our youth to aspire to becoming Gullu Butt’s, our new brand of hero!


Islamabad, October 5.