Imran Khan, came up with the word ‘Naya-Pakistan’ and when he says Naya-Pakistan, he means a Pakistan where we would see rule of law, curtailment of feudalism, end of poverty, uniform education, devolution of powers to the grass-root level and promotion of truest democratic values. All this sounds good, but it lacks realist application as our political culture is not mature enough to comprehend such changes. If the mighty Khan wants to see all this happen, then he should keep silent. To create a better and ‘Naya-Pakistan’ he needs time and unflinching commitment and he might posses but his second-liners do not.

The government under Khan’s leadership in KP could not bring all that he dreamed of, this is a weakness. People say if he failed to bring any change in KP, how would he be able to bring that coveted change in the country? Had he performed well in KP, the doubts of his entry as Prime Minister would have been squashed. Khan has staged a sit-in in Islamabad for 52 days and everyday he exposes corruption in our political culture and politicians. We have seem many things change because of these sit-ins, such as rejection of the ‘VIP-Culture’ by the laymen, the slogans of ‘Go Nawaz Go’ in front of those who are in power. Khan has certainly given the people some idea of what their rights are, he has succeeded in establishing his case in front of the public and now public is following his words. A Naya-Pakistan will automatically be achieved, if the public wakes up, and it seems as if it has.


Lahore, October 4.