After Panama papers, Bahamas leaks, another cache of leaked documents has named around 150 Pakistanis linked with off shore companies. 

Professor Khursheed Ahmad is a highly respectable scholar, economist, and Islamic activist of Pakistan. He was awarded the highest civil award, Nishan-e-Imtiaz, in recognition of his contribution during the process of formulation of 18th and 19th constitutional amendments. His contributions towards the Islamic cause were also recognised in the form of King Faisal International prize in 1990. 

In the Bahamas documents, around 150 Pakistanis have been identified as directors of nearly 70 companies. Unfortunately, Professor Khursheed Ahmad have also been identified as a director of a bank registered in Bahamas, an off shore company that faced sanctions from UN and US after 9/11 along with its Eritrean-Italian owner Ahmed Idrees Nasreddin. 

I expected that, Professor Khursheed Ahmad, being a great and noble man, would not be involved in any illegal working. I would like to make a request to honourable Professor Khursheed Ahmed to explain the true and real aspect regarding his name linked with offshore companies in Bahamas leaks. 


Faisalabad, September 22.