India needs to realise that, today, the Pakistani army today is led by a professional general who comes from a family of dedicated soldiers who have laid down their lives for the motherland. Under the command of General Raheel Sharif the valiant soldiers of our armed forces have proven their ability to protect every inch of Pakistan. The fact that both India and Pakistan have nuclear capabilities of mutual destruction, it should serve as deterrence for war. 

Sanity needs to prevail on both sides of border. India needs to accept the reality and existence of Pakistan as a sovereign independent state and curb down on Hindu fundamentalism practiced by the likes of Shiv Sena. It needs to follow the vision of Mahatma Gandhi, otherwise it will continue to face insurgencies that grip numerous states located on its borders with former Burma, South India etc, and resentment by Kashmiri youth seeking their basic rights of freedom. 

PM Nawaz Sharif had delivered a very balanced speech at UN in which he highlighted the crux of issues between the two nuclear neighbours. Pakistan’s political leadership and our establishment need to redraft priorities of our foreign policy with emphasis on good relation within the region, and should realise that religion alone cannot be the sole marker on which relations with foreign countries can be based, nor should we be willing to get entangled in proxy wars of others as was done by Zia and Musharraf. We should not allow any private armed groups and militias on our territory. 

There is too much of poverty in both countries and they need to focus on economic growth, while cracking down on massive corruption and unchecked black economy especially in Pakistan. Money laundering, brain drain, and flight of capital are just some of the social ills that are keeping our nation from progressing, and these issues need to be addressed before we can imagine to take part in a war. Pakistan and its leadership must continue the crackdown on terrorism which is the primary objective of Operation Zarb e Azb. We need to eliminate funding of terrorists within our borders, and ensure that the citizens are safe. 


Lahore, September 22.