This history stands witness that no one except the grandson of Holy Prophet(PBUH) Imam Hussain (A.S.) went through the trials mentioned in the Aayah. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S.) confronted every trial in the plains of Karbala for the survival of Islamic religion that existed. He sacrificed his family and sacrificed the lives of his sincere companions, saw his loved ones crying for hunger and thirst, being slaughtered, trampling of their bodies, so much so the even he sacrificed the veils of his pious women but never compromised his commitment.

Hussain (A.S.) who exercised patience on these great miseries for the protection of Allah’s religion,  Mustafavi (SAWW) sharia and human values emerged successful in a manner that today every nation, every era, every human being is bowing down head before Hussain’s (A.S.) greatness.

What happened to those who touch the heights of patience. The promise of Allah has been unveiled in the shape of greatness and sublimity of Imam Hussain (A.S.). A saying of Holy Prophet(saw) goes: Hussain is from me and me from Hussain, Allah loves those who love Hussain.

What a great status has been given to the Hussain Ibne Ali (A.S.) by Allah that the Creator of the universe is announcing love not only for Hussain (A.S.) but also with those who love Hussain (A.S.). The Holy Prophet (SAWW) who does not speak anything but Allah’s revelation has declared Hussain (A.S) as master of youngsters not only in this world but also for the youngsters of heaven.

Today every conscious person considers Hussain (A.S.) his leader, every freedom loving person takes guidance from the character of Hussain (A.S.), and every have-not and oppressed likes to attach himself with Hussain (A.S.) and considers him the source of his survival. That is why the historian Edward Gibbon who wrote the stories of ups and downs of nations was forced to admit that “In a distant age and climate the tragic scene of the death of Hussain will awaken the sympathy of the coldest reader.” Mahatma Gandhi, during the Independence Movement in India was heard saying that: “The human being can achieve survival by following the Hussaini (A.S.) principles”. The author of Heroes and Hero Worship, Thomas Carlyle is seen saying: “The best lesson which we get from the tragedy of Karbala is that Hussain and his companions were the rigid believers of God. They illustrated that numerical superiority does not count when it comes to truth and falsehood. The victory of Hussain despite his minority marvels me!”. Poet of east Allama Iqbal says, “Imam Hussain uprooted despotism forever till the Day of Resurrection. He watered the dry garden of freedom with the surging wave of his blood, and indeed he awakened the sleeping Muslim nation. If Imam Hussain had aimed at acquiring a worldly empire, he would not have travelled the way he did (from Medina to Karbala). Hussain weltered in blood and dust for the sake of truth. Verily he, therefore, became the bed-rock (foundation) of the Muslim creed; La ilaha illa Allah (There is no god but Allah).”  Washington Irving is seen surprised by saying that: “The miseries confronted by Hussain (A.S.) were such that that these may keep any person stuck to his objective but Hussain (A.S.) remained stuck to his commitment and objective till end”.

Muharramul Haram carries the stories of grief, tragedies and difficulties with it. It has particular link with the Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S.) who kissed Shahadat along with his 72 near and dear ones by confronting the riot-mongers to give stability and sustainability to the message of his renowned Grandfather Holy Prophet (SAWW) and preached the practical lesson to humanity by laying the foundation of justice and fair-play by rooting out oppression, brutality, and atrocities. His historic revolution was not for the sake of achieving political status or financial gains.

His only objective was to pull out the Ummah from the misguidance and astray and drive them towards guidance. He stayed so as to reform the Muslim Ummah and fulfill his duty of Amar BilMa’aroof and Nahi Anil Munkir and the Sovereignty of Allah become supreme. Therefore it is stated in the 44th edition of the Baharul Anwaar that I am staying not to spread oppression and excess, create riot and discrimination but to reform the Ummah of my grandfather (Nana), order for Ma’aroof (Good deeds) and stop from the Munkiraat(wrong doings). The objective of his life was to promote life amongst the comity of nations with sincerity of purpose and good faith that is why the mankind cannot ever forget him.

Half a century after the demise of Holy Prophet (SAWW), Yazid after occupying the throne of Caliphate announced from the Damascus’s that

([God forbid] the [family of Prophet Banu Hashim] staged a fiction, neither any angel came, nor any Wahi was sent). Hazrat Hussain (A.S.) by staying against Yazidiyyat and tyranny to fulfill the God-given responsibilities said that no doubt, I consider death a blessing and success and shameful to bowing down head before the oppressors. He challenged Yazid and set out for journey to Makkah on 28 Rajab, converted Hajj into Umrah on 8 Zulhijja and reached Karbala on 2 Muharram.

Water was shut on the offspring and near and dear ones of Hussain (A.S.) on 7 Muharram. By offering his life along with his 72 near and dear ones on 10 Muharram in the hot plain of Karbala, he proved the Ibrahim’s (A.S.) sacrifice as a reality that is called  in Quran.

Imam Hussain (A.S.) is such a person who did not allow humiliation and degradation to come near him, and gave priority to getting martyrdom with courage and bravery over degeneration and lowliness under the shadow of sword. His dignified and proud history is a lesson for all religions. The blood of Hussain (A.S.) is the redness on the forehead of religion and Shahadat. The difficulties of imprisonment his family went through is the source of humiliation for the enemies of religion and his choice for martyrdom is the source of honour for the world of humanity. The angels above the sky are wondered on his patience and endurance, courage and bravery. The mapping of any personality is carried out through his most exemplary qualities, knowledge and deeds, struggle, selflessness and sacrifice, firmness, purity and sincerity, and piety.

There is a narration that some companions (ra) were going along with the Holy Prophet (SAWW) that Hussain (A.S.) came in front of them. The Prophet (SAWW) tried to catch him by going forward towards him on which Hussain (A.S.) started running here and there till he (Holy Prophet SAAW) took him in his arms. He kissed the lips of Hussain (A.S.) by keeping one hand behind Hussain’s (A.S.) neck and the other below his chin and said, Hussain (A.S.) is from me and me from Hussain (A.S.), Oh, Lord! Keep the one friend who keeps Hussain (A.S.) friend (TabqaatIbneSa’ad).

There is a narration from Hazrat Abu Hurairah (R.A.) that we were offering Isha prayers with our master Holy Prophet (SAWW). When he went in Sajdah, Hassan (A.S.) and Hussain (A.S.) jumped on his back. When he rose his head, he held both grandsons from his back softly and made them sit on the floor. When he went in Sajdah (prostration) again, they again jumped on his back so much so that he completed his prayer. Then he made both sit on his thighs. (Musnad Ahmed, Al-MustadrakLillahKum, Tabrani Al-Kabeer. The Nana (SAWW) performed a long Sajdah for Hussain (A.S.), so he paid the Nana’s (SAWW) debt by giving mirage to that Sajdah by letting cut his head in prostration.

There is another narration that one who keeps Hussain as friend is my friend and one who is his enemy is my enemy. According to another narration, the narrator says that I visited the Holy Prophet (SAWW) where I saw that Hassan (A.S.) and Hussain (A.S.) were riding his shoulders. I said, Oh, Holy Prophet (SAWW) do you keep them friends, on which he replied why not, these are my two flowers from this garden of the world.

The Holy Prophet (SAWW) was sitting in the Hujra of UmmulMomineen Hazrat Umm-e-Salma (R.A.). His both grandsons Hasnain (A.S.) were also with him. He ordered me not to allow anyone to come to him. After a while, Holy Prophet (SAWW) said that Gabriel had come a while ago and by pointing out towards Hussain (A.S.) gave the Message that this son of yours will be killed after your (SAWW) demise, and Holy Prophet (SAWW) started shedding tears, embraced Hussain (as) and giving a handful of soil to me said that this soil is from Karbala, when you see that this soil is turning red, then understand that my Hussain (A.S.) has been killed, keep this soil in protected in a bottle (Moajam Kabeer Tibrani, edition 3, page 114).

It is related with Hazrat Ibne Abbas that I had the honour to see Holy Prophet (SAWW) in his dream early in the morning. At that time his hair were upset and the body was replete with dust. There was a bottle with him in which he was searching for something. I said, O , the Holy Prophet (SAWW) what is this? He replied, this is the blood of my Hussain (A.S.) and his companions. The narrator of this Hadees (narration) says that he saved the date in his mind. Later, it was divulged that it was the same date and day when Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S.) kissed martyrdom on which Hazrat Ibne Abbas had seen that dream (Musnad Ahmed).

It is related from Hazrat Anas Bin Malik (R.A.) that when the head of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S.) was brought to Ubaidullah Bin Ziad and was placed there in a big plate, IbneZiad started striking his stick (at his eyes and nose) on it and raised objection on his beautifulness, then Hazrat Anas (R.A.) said that he matched with the Holy Prophet (SAWW) the most amongst all of them and at that time the head of beard of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S.) had a treatment of Wasma Khizab. (Sahih Bokhari: second edition, Narration No. 985).

The lips and cheeks of Hussain (A.S.) that were used to be kissed by the Holy Prophet (SAWW) the oppressors kept on striking them with sticks. Imam Hussain (A.S.) and the Holy Prophet’s (SAWW) family by bearing all sorts of atrocities saved the Muhammadi (SAWW) religion from being distorted by Yazid and made it clear on the world that the selected persons of Allah never bow down before the Yazidiyyat, tyranny and colonialism in any era and at any place.

Hussain Ibne Ali (A.S.) brought revolution by shedding his blood in the plains of Karbala and the world will continue taking benefit of it till the Day of Judgment. The Shahadat of Hussain (A.S.) taught the people to snatch the fake veils from the rulers. The  martyrdom of Imam Hussain (A.S.) has so much impact that no thinker and critic could gauge its depth. Hussain (A.S.) is the name of freedom, Hussain (A.S.) is the name of Protection of Sharia, Hussain (A.S.) is the name of Respect to Mankind, Hussain (A.S.) is the name of Awareness, Hussain (A.S.) is the name of Life, and Hussain (A.S.) is the name of overcoming Coercion.

Today, the colonial powers are trying their utmost to have their control over the whole world. The terrorist organisations created by the colonial powers are working to defame Islam the world over. Muslims have been divided. Plan to make many parts of every Muslim country has reach near completion. Muslims are being pitched against Muslims. The elements that are being prepared in the colonial factories and imposed atheist decrees are being imposed on the religion that desires security of all. Wealth of the Islamic World is being spent on downing Muslim governments. The holy shrines of Muslim Heroes are being got desecrated at the hands of so-called Muslims. The whole Islamic World has been trampled so as to maintain the policing of the Zionists and Hindus. The survival of the Islamic World from this crisis after crisis and terrific situation lies in adopting the path of Karbala only.

Even if the conditions are worst, Hussain (A.S.) has laid the foundation of such a revolution that not allows the courage of righteous persons go down. The Hussaini (A.S.) call for help (Istighasah) rose in the plains of Karbala is echoing the world over even today. Hussain (A.S.) who protected the hard work of prophets was not in need of any human help rather the objective of his ‘Istighasah’ was to shatter the humanity of every era that where there is oppression and where there is a debaucher who seeks Baia’at from the righteous person, raise your big ‘No’ following the  Voice of Hussain (A.S.). The Message of Hussain (A.S.) is ‘Nuskha-e-Akseer’ (best treatment) for sick nations, consolation for the oppressed, and death warrant for the oppressors. That is why whether it is Kashmir or Palestine, every oppressed person takes courage from it to dash into death by taking the name of oppressed Hussain (A.S.) and that is the spirit that can neither be suppressed through Israeli siege or through the Indian pellet guns and bayonets. (Patron-in-Chief Shia Ulema Board & Chief Tehreek NafazFiqh-e-Jafaria)