ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) is least bothered about home players’ chances in the upcoming $25,000 Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) International Squash Championship 2016, which will commence from October 15 and if they want to win it, they need to work on war-footings.

Like recently-concluded $25,000 Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Championship, which was won by the Egyptian Omar, there is every possibility, the CNS International will also be won by most likely an Egyptian or a foreigner, as the PSF is sleeping. Conducting the international events just for the sake of reviving international squash in Pakistan will serve no purpose to the local players and squash lovers, who remained absent from the venue as they are fully aware of the fact that there is no local hope, who may even make it to the final, winning the event is a not more than day dreaming.

Pakistan could have won the international events, being held here at the home soil, if the likes of Aamir Atlas, Danish Atlas, Nasir Iqbal, Farhan Mehboob and Farhan Zaman were available. But due to controversial and biased policies of the federation, Aamir and Danish turned their backs on the country. Nasir is a classic example of the PSF’s inefficiency, as the federation has kept a complete mum on his sufferings. The youngster has committed no crime, but his case wasn’t handled in a right way, the result of which is that he has still been suffering and waiting for a decision to be either banned or cleared to play the PSA events.

Pakistan squash is at the brink, winning the Asian Junior and World Junior titles mean nothing unless Pakistan, like past, starts delivering at senior level. It is high time when PSF president Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman should keep a close eye on actual ground realities instead of completely relying on the reports submitted by PSF secretary or senior vice president. He must have asked why no efforts were made to convince Aamir and Danish to come back to Pakistan and why not the case of Nasir Iqbal was handled in the best possible way.

Without Nasir, Aamir and Danish, veteran Farhan Mehboob and Farhan Zaman, Pakistan couldn’t deliver, while Tayyab, Israr, Asim and others are highly inconsistent performers and couldn’t reliable in the international events. Naming the international squash events after top armed forces officials is although a good thing yet it’s really shameful when a foreigner wins that particular event.

The PSF is living in a fool’s paradise, as it abolished head coach post on the recommendations of so-called executive committee in 2014. The highly successful coach Jamshed Gul was punished for an undone crime and was sacked instead of showing the door to incumbent secretary. Ever since the PSF is relying on part timers to produce goods for the country, only junior players produced satisfactory results but not due to the federation’s appointed coaches, but due to their personal coaches, while the seniors failed to produce satisfactory results.

Now the PSF has invited Yasin, an England-based 70 plus year coach, who doesn’t have court in the UK. How on earth a person, who has well passed his peak days and can hardly move, can produce champions. The PSF must shun double standards, if they really want to climb back to the top, or else all the past records and achievements of Pakistani players will be remembered only in history books. The PSF secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz was also contacted to seek his point of view in this regard but despite repeated attempts, his cell phone was switched off.