The Book Contractor, which is full of anti-Pakistan and anti-ISI rhetoric, has recently been taking a burning issue on social, print and electronic media. Basically, the book is written by Raymond Davis - an American agent, who has been living in Lahore for long time. The book contains a list of lies to damage Pakistan and ISI in particular. Thus, America’s agenda has always been to reduce people’s love for ISI as it is respected, loved and respected in Pakistan and over the world. The writer has attempted suicide many times. He was also imprisoned for 49 days in terms of killing two people in Lahore. The book proves he isn’t an educated person and the book was probably sponsored by American or Indian agencies. The book depicts on page 44, “All too often one division of ISI would profess to be working toward one goal, while another one of its divisions would be operating in a manner that seemed in direct opposition to the other’s efforts.” One wonders how did the writer come to know about the secrets of ISI - the agency which works under strict secrecy.

Undeniably, the book is only with an aim to demoralise ISI’s best posture in the world. Every Pakistani lover must avoid such ill-conceived material written by anti-Pakistan group.


Shikarpur, October 4.