Islamabad - The authorities have found over 600 kanals of land of the 21 kilometre-long River Korang presently under illegal possession of several individuals, according to the report of the Survey of Pakistan.

 The influential land mafia also diverted the path of the river to occupy more land of the river bed passing through the revenue limits of ICT and Rawalpindi district. A report prepared by the Survey of Pakistan on the directions of the apex court, found that 119.35 kanals of the encroached land falls within the limits of mouza Mohra Noor , 35.76 kanals jointly in Phulgran and Kot Hathiyal, 75.25 kanals in mouza Kot Hathiyal, 59.87 kanals jointly in mouza Shahpur and Kot Hathiyal, 96.91 kanals in mouza Shahpur, 156.99 kanals in mouza Phulgraan and 6.68 kanals in mouza Malata Dakhili Phulgran.

All these mouzas fall within the revenue limits of ICT. Furthermore, according to the survey, 19.8 kanals of the encroached land falls in the limits of mouza Salketar, 7.85 kanals jointly in mouza Manga and Salketar and 32.17 kanals of land in mouza Manga. These mouzas fall within the revenue limits of district Rawalpindi, according to the survey.     

The report said that the extent of Korang River was surveyed by the Survey of Pakistan in compliance with the orders of the Supreme Court. Keeping in view the sensitive nature of the job, the authorities consulted the original revenue record/Masavies of the year 1956-57, 1905-07 and 1884-85 of mouzas of Malpur (CDA acquired land), Mohra Noor, Kot Hathiyal, Shahpur and Phulgraan falling within ICT limits and mouzas Salketar and Manga of Tehsil Murree, district Rawalpindi.

The survey found several buildings/structures/plots in possession of individuals falling within the limits of Korang River.

The report said that the position of Korang River appearing in the original revenue record of 1984-85, 1905-07 has been found consistent with the original revenue record of 1956-57. “It has been found from the fresh survey of Korang River that there is a huge different in existing limits of the river and position of the river according to the original revenue record. Deviation in position of Korang River near Rawal Lake is more as compared to the North (Upstream) of the river.

Total encroached area in extent of Korang River (21Kms) starting from Rawal Lake to mouza Salketar of Rawalpindi district (Upstream) is 613.49 kanals,” said the report of Survey of Pakistan. It said that these encroachments have been made mostly after 2004. The report further said that most of the affectees of the ongoing anti-encroachment operation have argued that the land under their possession lies out of river Korang and they had purchased it legally.   

It is to mention here that the CDA has started operation to clear the bed of River Korang without arrangement of machinery along with absence of senior staff of the Enforcement Directorate of the CDA.

The operation is continuing since days but with no real progress on the site. On Thursday, the teams of the CDA faced difficulty in reaching the site with heavy machinery. A day earlier, the operation was stopped halfway.