PESHAWAR - The Awami National Party (ANP) will stage protest demonstrations today (Friday) across the province against inflation, increase in taxation and borrowing from the International Monetary Fund by the PTI-led government in the country.

Inflation and levying new taxes will certainly make life of the common man further miserable, the ANP provincial president and former chief minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti said.

Calling his party workers to stage peaceful protest rallies at all the divisional headquarters, he said that raise in tax rate, borrowing from the IMF and increase in inflation would not be accepted at all.

He asked traders, transporters and people to actively participate in the ANP’s scheduled protest, which aimed at reminding the present rulers to stop anti-masses polices, and fulfil what the PTI leadership had promised with the countrymen.

He said that ANP had and would in the future as well record its protest against anti-masses policies by any government, because the rulers make tall claims of minimising people’s hardships, but they have done nothing actually in this regard.

Meanwhile, the ANP Central General Secretary Mian Iftikhar Hussian said in a statement that ANP’s decision of holding protests against price hike and raise in gas charges was accurate and in time.

The ANP would never be silent in raising people issues, because the sudden raise in gas and daily use stuff was just because of the wrong polices of the PTI-led government.

He called upon people to reject the candidates of the PTI in the by-polls being held on October 14 by voting opposition parties.

The ANP’s scheduled protest would be a referendum against the PTI’s government, as no one would accept such anti-masses policies at all, he was of the view.

People had expected that PTI would have experienced teams to pull the country out of present day crisis, but unfortunately that proved just a dream, as instead of minimising problems, it had multiplied them by having no expertise in any field, Mian Iftikhar explained.

“The PTI’s own directionless policies are well enough to end its government in the country,” he said adding the PTI supporters and voters were too unhappy over its government decisions after seeing the reality on the ground. There is a big difference in practice and theory, he concluded.