Multinational organizations usually follow an ethical framework by trying to to act for the benefit for the society at large. It is the duty of every individual and a company to keep a balance between ecosystem and the economy. Pakistan is 11th on the hit list of climatic change and appropriate steps needs to be taken immediately to prevent the repercussions.

Fortunately our current government is circumspect enough to introduce a go green campaign. Usually it is expected from large organizations to stand by the government to show support and to realize the responsibility. Recently a popular beverage brand in Pakistan changed the packaging of its juice box from paper to plastic. The brand was endorsed by a leading bollywood actress; running around in a beautiful green orchard.

It is an established fact that plastics used in packaging foodstuff meant for human consumption contain harmful compounds and are generally non-biodegradable; they may take centuries to decay. These plastic bottles not only harm our environment but some of the additives that are infused in plastic can cause permanent harm to our metabolism. Even plastic recycling is an expensive process, often more expensive than getting it fresh from polymers sources.

Just for the sake of getting a competitive advantage a company shouldn’t ignore the harmful effects its sales campaign might have on our Earth. I suggest the company to use papercans than plastic bottles as juice containers and request my fellow readers to boycott the product as long as they don’t take their social responsibility seriously.


Lahore, October 1.