The newly appointed Sindh education minister, Sardar Shah, has shown a glimpse of positive change in Sindh education. His speeches and announcements regarding the improvement of education are worth-mentioning, say the least.

In initial days, he depicted that the system of education has completely drown back under multiple repercussions. The unstable system calls for urgent measures to cope all mismanaged directions, he added.

Mr: Shah will surely face challenging ways to counter the problems that have long been lingering under Sindh education system. The most appalling problem is lack of check and balance. Despite working on biometric system, still thousand teachers are absent from schools. The absent teaching staff includes 1,773 teachers who have been on leave for a while and another 2,000 teachers who have been identified as ‘ghost teachers’. Of the ghost teachers, 6.7% are posted in Jamshoro, 5.2% in Tando Muhammad Khan and 3.8% in Shikarpur. The ghost teachers are mainly based on political support. This is really a hard nut for Shah Sahab to crack.

Sindh can only hope for the best. As, we see someone speaking about the reformation after previous silent black sheeps. Best of luck Mr Shah!


Shikarpur, October 1.