LAHORE - The Humanity Burj Foundation chairman Rashid Sheikh has said that overseas Pakistanis are pinning high hopes on Imran Khan, saying that the time has come to deliver on his vision of a new and prosperous Pakistan after winning the nation’s trust. He said that if incentives are given with genuine one-window facilitation to cut through red tape, they would mull over the option of investment for playing their role in the crippling economic crisis. He said that the country’s global standing as a peace-loving and nurturing country is highly dependent on the Pakistani diaspora living abroad. He said that the long-forgotten Pakistani emigrant community can play a vital role in the development of the country. Unfortunately, there is a deficit of proper rules and regulations in the country’s legal framework to safeguard the rights of overseas Pakistanis. He said that the Pakistani population that has moved abroad is the backbone of the country which should be highly encouraged to invest in Pakistan.