LOS Angeles-Supermodel Hailey Baldwin opens up about her faith and struggles comparing herself to others. Haily Baldwin took the opportunity this week to defend her faith in a public way. The wife of Justin Bieber asked fans to help her come up with Halloween costume ideas at the beginning of the month on her Instagram story with a Q&A.

“Aren’t u a Christian?” one fan asked. To which the 22-year-old supermodel responded, “Yes. I still dress up for Halloween.” Another fan, a little more forward, called her a “FAKE CHRISTIAN,” and she just replied, “Our kids are gonna celebrate too.”

Despite some Christians being against Halloween for its pagan elements and dark imagery, Mrs Bieber said she liked the ideas from fans of dressing up as Catwoman, Harley Quinn, or the Bride of Chucky.

Earlier this year, Baldwin said she tries to show her “real, funny goofy side” on Instagram and “represent Jesus” within the modeling industry.

“I think that the bigger purpose behind it is for me to be a light in this place,” Baldwin told “NOW with Natalie” on the Hillsong Channel. “And I’m here to represent Jesus through me for other people — for his will to be done.”