Federal government cutting down the annual budget of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Rs 28.65 billion from the current 46.68 b next finical year. Its impact on education, due to the cutting of budget all public sector universities increase their semester fees.

Higher education in public sector universities is now very expensive middle poor students cannot afford the burden of high fees. Every single people have the right to get higher education and its government duty to provide education free of cost in public sector universities. Other countries increase their education budget but in our country it is inverse.

HEC also decreases number scholarship for public sector university students, it impacts on needy and poor students they cannot afford expensive of higher education but sometimes scholarship helps them to continue their education, but now not any HEC scholarship available for university’s students.

Another option is available for students that they can get scholarships from other organizations but some universities not affiliated with these organizations, due to no affiliation with universities students cannot avail of these kinds of opportunities. So universities’ authority should have affiliate their institutions that can help their students and provide finical support needy students than can easily continue their education.

After the 18th amendment, the education department is under control of the provincial government, it is also responsibly of the provincial government that they provide finical support to needy students and also introduce new education scheme for universities needy students.