ISLAMABAD    -   The Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) has planned to hold the sit-in for at least seven days against the incumbent government in Islamabad. The official instructions list issued by the JUI-F has asked the workers to have complete preparations for the anti-government protest and sit-in for at least one week initially.

JUI-F chief Maulana Fazl Rehman in his informal chat with reporters had said that they would change their strategy of protest with time to time as it was one of the best tactics during the protest.   

He has announced to set out on a long march against the government which will start from October 27 and caravans will reach Islamabad on October 31, where the party plans to hold a sit-in.

The instructions list besides explaining the guidelines during the protest for the party workers in the capital has also set the specific guidelines for the participants during the journey to Islamabad.

The participants are further instructed that all the caravans coming to Islamabad should have their water, dry fruits and other food stuff in order to avoid any hunger and thirst during journey.

According to the instructions, every caravan of the workers will have its ‘Emir’ who would be responsible for his caravan during the journey to Islamabad. As per the issued instructions list the workers of JUI-F were not allowed to bring any kind of ammunitions with them.

Some days earlier, an alleged document, purporting to have been issued by the information department of the JUI-F, instructed participants on how they should prepare for the protest sit-in and set guidelines for their conduct during the demonstration was doing rounds on the social media. However, the JUI-F had strongly denied that the party had ever issued such instructions.