ISLAMABAD          -     The government is indecisive to call national assembly session by the third week of current month, due to possible ‘Azadi march’ announced by JUI-F on October 27. It was in the tentative plan to summon national assembly session by the second last week of this month but now the government might change its mind, background discussions with government members revealed on Friday. The JUI-F with the support of other main opposition parties have planned to holding Azadi March, which may later convert into a sit-in for a longer period. They said that the government will try to avoid possible troubles during the upcoming national assembly session, as in past the previous government (PML-N) had faced during the longest sit-in (126 days) by the then opposition party (PTI). They said that the opposition would create rumpus over different matters in the upcoming national assembly session. The opposition had not submitted requisition in the national assembly secretariat and a decision in this regard would be made today in the PML-N CEC meeting with other major decisions related to participation in the long march.

The government, according to the tentative schedule of the national assembly, has to summon the national assembly session by the last week of this month.