Initially, we know that Pakistan is an under developed country which is not developed yet. Some countries like U.S.A, and U.S.S.R and the UK and some other countries in Europe have developed a great deal due to the excellent use them made of scientific knowledge and technolog. The U.K during the 17th and 18th centuries conquered new territories and used the huge raw materials at their disposal in those countries.

Soon there existed a gulf of difference between these developed countries and the under developed countries.

Besides this, this relationship between the ruling country and the dependent countries existed with no effective protect made by the latter. As a result there arose the problem of existence of these under-developed countries side by side with the highly developed countries, such a difference has been a danger for future wars. These countries remains dissatisfied and may be an easy prey to differentiate in the world.

The question now is, how to help these under-developed countries

The UN made efforts to organize social works on world footing. We have now the World health organization, United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural organization. The United Nations international childrens’ emergency fund. An immense world is being done to help this countries that need them most. In this case, foreign and Pakistan is able to use her natural resources for the good of the country, thereby adding to the total happiness of the world. Many foreign experts are engaged to probe the existence of oil, coal, and natural gas. Had there been so cooperative spirit among some developed countries like Pakistan to develop, depending on her natural resources. The under-developed countries should be helped under the case of United Nations Organization. In conclusion we may say that there should be an United efforts to help these under-developed countries in a way that they must be convert into a develop country.