First Lady Begum Samina Alvi on Monday said the awareness campaign about breast cancer was yielding results as now its severity was being realized and discussed by the masses.

Addressing a breast cancer awareness function arranged by Raabta, Sarena Hotels, the First Lady stressed that the barriers of social and cultural taboos should be broken and women should be encouraged to come forward for early screening.

The womenfolk should not feel shy or hesitation in discussing the issue as it was a curable disease, she said.

“The early detection of this fatal disease can save many precious love,” she maintained.

Begum Alvi further informed that they were making efforts to set up call centers to facilitate women often shy of discussing the health related issue with family members and friends.

The First Lady observed that 50 per cent of the country’s population comprised women, therefore, it was imperative to provide them health facilities.

She urged the welfare and non-governmental organizations to join hands in the breast cancer campaign by providing health incentives and facilities especially to the under-privileged women of the country.

The First Lady also appreciated the media’s role in raising awareness about the fatal diseases.

Strong family support was key to fast recovery, she added.