ISLAMABAD - Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad on Sunday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan would bring the inflation down. 

The Opposition parties were propagating to remove Imran Khan as PM who was resolving the issues of the country in a befitting manner, he stated while talking to a private television channel.  Commenting on Opposition’s movement against government, he said the Pakistan Peoples Party leaders would never resign from Sindh assemblies. He said the Opposition parties were striving to create unrest in the country by launching movement for derailing economy and stability.  

The Pakistan Army , he said would never support any move disrupting democratic system and peace. Sheikh Rashid said that Armed forces are symbol of peace, stability, integrity and strong economy in Pakistan. 

Commenting on Ex Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, he said the leaders of Pakistan Muslim League-N, and Pakistan Peoples Party had looted the national money ruthlessly. The minister said that Nawaz Sharif would never return to Pakistan to face corruption cases. He said that Opposition leaders would face set back in their sinister design by the end of February next. Sheikh Rashid said that all corrupt leaders would be in jail due to corruption and money laundering cases. He assured that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), government under the dynamic leadership of Imran Khan would overcome the present day challenges. To a question, he said there was a conspiracy and international agenda against China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and ML-1. The minister said that CPEC and ML-1 projects would be completed at all costs.