The government has decided to spend 54 billion rupees to beautify Islamabad. Renovating the federal territory is a good idea. However, Islamabad is already beautiful. While this is a worthwhile venture, Islamabad needs improvement in its infrastructure as well. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) must pay attention to the overall condition of the deteriorating public services of the city. For the last four years or so, Islamabad has seen little to no development. No major repair or maintenance services have been carried out during this time even though the city is Pakistan’s capital.

The CDA has indeed ensured that the city master plan is adhered to so that issues related to urbanisations do not aggravate. However, there are still some infrastructural developments to be made. For instance, the roads across the city demand significant repairs. One has to look no further than one of its main arteries, the Islamabad Expressway, which turns into a bottleneck when approaching close to Rawalpindi. Last time the roads were repaired was almost four years ago. Even after spending one billion rupees, the condition of the roads did not improve.

Similarly, the sewerage and drainage system of the city must be taken care of. The system is under stress due to rapid urbanisation. Therefore, the officials should consider its remodelling according to present-day requirements. Another issue that the residents of the city face is the distribution of water. The water distribution system in the federal capital is deteriorating with every passing day. The overhauling of the city’s sanitation system must be prioritised so that people get water for their daily consumption. Islamabad must not be allowed to get to the level of Karachi, where tanker vehicles are the only source of usable water for many citizens. It would be wise if the CDA utilise these funds in such a manner that promotes sustainable development instead of cosmetic beautification of the city.