We, being the residents of DHA Lahore, wish to draw your attention towards the lawlessness and irregularities being committed by the DHA authorities these days. Bylaws of DHA do not allow anybody to use a residential plot for any other purpose except for housing. However, DHA is constructing a parking plaza on residential plots no. 17 and 18-E in violation of its own rules. This is despite a civil court stay order on 26 June, 2008, asking DHA to stop further construction on it. The authorities have least regard for instructions of the court and the work is still in progress as of today. Ironically, DHA being custodian of its own bylaws has violated the rules and regulations set by itself and that too not for the first time. In November 2006, it flouted the orders of Lahore High Court in a case concerning the continuation of an educational institution which was forcefully closed down by the same authority, resulting in the issuance of non-bailable arrest warrants for the DHA secretary. -AMJAD IKRAM, Lahore, September 7.