In Pakistan, there is an unwritten rule that the privilege to use the road space belongs only to the ones having a car. If a car runs over a sidewalk or a pedestrian area, it is no crime. A pedestrian walking on the edge of the road is not to be forgiven. That, at least, is the attitude of motorists. Over-speeding, reckless driving, encroaching in violation of stop line, indifference to schools/hospitals zones, even jumping of red lights, is all fair game if you have a car. Why do we need more consciousness about safety of pedestrians? Because a recent survey of Tariq Road in Karachi revealed that more than 260 hawkers operate at one time on the footpaths of this road. Similarly, other major roads in the inner-city areas also get a spill over of these 'forced pedestrian' who use the edge of the road to make a living and expose themselves to great danger. -SUMBUL HAIDER, Karachi, via e-mail, August 30.