Quite expectedly, Asif Ali Zardari has been elected as the 12th President with a thumping majority. PPP is celebrating its co-chairman's victory and Asif Ali Zardari is receiving messages offelicitations from the world leaders as well as within the country . President Zardari, in short, has attained those heights which, according to some political pundits, he could not have even imagined had his wife and PPP Chairman Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was alive and not become the unfortunate victim along with several others in a terrorist attack in Liaqat Bagh, Rawalpindi on the fateful evening of December 27, 2007. This surely is a debatable point and can be deliberated at some other appropriate time. For the time being while felicitating President Asif Zardari on being elected as the new president, a successor to former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, it is to be suggested as to what he should do first after taking the oath as the head of the state. President Zardari must have had set his own priorities in this respect as he believes in working to a well-conceived plan but at the very outset, even before he takes the oath, he should quit the party office as PPP co-chairman in accordance with the non-partisan outlook and posture of the high office he is going to hold for next five years hopefully and to meet the requirements of the constitution and the oath he is about to take. Next as the new head of state Asif Zardari has to be neutral, non-partisan and over and above any political affiliations. Only by doing so, he would in reality become the "Symbol of the Federation" as being celebrated and claimed by the party leaders and workers all over the country. The president represents the Federation of Pakistan and as such he should not be a political figure any more at least after being elected to the highest office of the land. It is indeed a welcome gesture that Asif Zardari is still advocating politics of reconciliation and national government for tackling the problems confronting the nation effectively, ably and appreciably. As the elected president, Asif Zardari should preferably address the joint session of the Parliament i.e. National Assembly and Senate and unveil his plans there about what he expects the ruling coalition to do for the overall welfare and well-being of the masses, how he will strengthen the parliament. The address to the Parliament will not be formal inaugural of the new parliamentary which the former president failed to do so to honour constitutional obligation. However, Article 56 of the constitution relating to the president's address to the Parliament reads: "The president may address either house or both houses assembled together and may for that purpose require the attendance of the members." As the head of the state, Zardari should take the oath as given in the Third Schedule of the 1973 constitution without making any change in any manner whatsoever. Asif Zardari would do a lot of good for democracy, the constitution, his party, his martyred wife Benazir and himself if after taking oath as the new president he totally forgets the fact that he had any association with the PPP as such and carry further his commitment to national reconciliation. And, before concluding this little piece, this scribe would also like Asif Zardari to induct neutral, non-political and sensible persons as governors in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta who fully understand and appreciate their responsibilities as the Federation's representatives and not advocate or project any one political party .If the president is neutral, non-partisan and impartial then his representatives should also have the same good qualities to serve in the supreme national interest and above petty vested, personal or party interests, in accordance with their oaths. The writer is a freelance columnist