ISLAMABAD - President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI), Mian Shaukat Masud, Friday said that government should encourage micro-finance organisations to develop interest-free financing facilities for small enterprises to boost business activities and alleviate poverty in the country. While presiding over a meeting of ICCI subcommittee on banking & finance, he said micro-finance institutions should endeavour to reach out to the deprived and low-income entrepreneurs who were unable to receive adequate financial services throughout the country in the rural as well as urban areas. Members of the subcommittee said that easy micro-financing could play a vital role in promoting small businesses, particularly the small-scale, low income entrepreneurs and called upon the govt to take measures to promote micro-finance industry to facilitate the small entrepreneurs. They said the poverty alleviation was one of the burning issues of the country that could be tackled by promoting small businesses. He stressed the need for extending micro-financing to cottage industry and small traders to give boost to these small units of economy. He also called for providing financing facilities to the local handicrafts made by the women entrepreneurs in their homes, which could bring prosperity to their lives.