In his tirades against the PCB that appear in an English language daily, Dr. Nauman Niaz often tends to go overboard. He seems to have lost all sense of proportion that one must keep to engage others in a discussion. Nobody is denying him the right to criticize but he must not be so vituperative and so highly personal. It seems he has a personal score to settle with Ijaz Butt and his PCB. Has he taken something to heart that the PCB or its chairman might have done as a personal affront? If not, how would he explain the frothing anger that is floating on the surface of his latest piece on the PCB dated August 9, 2009. Dr. Niaz should come clean about his personal, and his family's, commercial dealings with the PCB. May be the PCB is denying him something that was available to him or his family when the previous PCB management ruled the roost. -Dr. MUHAMMAD USMAN AWAN, Lahore, September 11.