Commending Pakistans 'extraordinary job in dealing with the massive humanitarian crisis of displaced persons of Swat, a senior diplomat Friday said he found a new sense of 'determination and security among the people he met during a visit to the northwestern frontier province. My observation is thatthat its been a very serious and concerted effort by the Pakistani military. There is a sense of security in important population centers that wasnt there before, and there is a sense of determination. Otherwise, people wouldnt be going home voluntarily, Deputy Secretary of State Jack Lew said. Lew, who visited Peshawar and Mardan to meet with top provincial officials and people displaced following this summers anti-militant offensive in Swat, however, said it is important that Pakistan remains focused to address the problem completely. Its important for the Pakistani government to remain focused on it. Its going to be important for the Pakistani people to remain patient, with the disruption that comes as they continue to move forward, added Lew, who is deputy secretary of state for management and resources. He particularly lauded the spirit of the local people for accommodating the displaced people. The people of Pakistan have really done an extraordinary job in dealing with millions of displaced people in a way that, from the brief time we spent there, seemed to have left considerable feeling ofthat people had been taken care of in very difficult circumstances. And it doesnt mean that there arent problems. There certainly are still problems, but itthe notion of people taking tens of people into their homes, their small homes, on very modest incomes, itit justjust people-to-peopleit gave you great respect for thefor the outpouring of help that came from just regular people.