ISLAMABAD - Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik refuted his Indian counterpart Chadambaram reservations regarding investigations into the Mumbai blast claiming that Pakistan has done more work in this regard than India. Rehman Malik also demanded that the Indian government should bring to the book all those involved in the Samjhota Express mayhem of 19 February in India, when 67 Pakistan-bound passengers, mostly Pakistani nationals, were charred to death. He was talking to newsmen here on Friday in the premises of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) where he visited to inquire about the health of Shamim Ahmed father of Senator Abbas Afridi. Rehman Malik said that Indians blame game should end as Pakistan was doing its level best to complete the Mumbai carnage trial, adding that Pakistan and India should arrange mutual visits regarding investigations into last years Mumbai blasts and should sit on the table to resolve the issues instead of accusing each other. Malik said that some hidden hands were active to sabotage New Delhi-Islamabad relations. He invited Indian government officials to visit Pakistan, adding that Pakistani officials should also visit India for deliberating all aspects of investigations on the Mumbai blasts. To a query, regarding Indias efforts to seek US help in pressuring Pakistan, he said, Indian minister should visit Pakistan instead going to America in order to probe into the deadly Mumbai blasts. Rehman Malik declared that after probing into the Mumbai blasts issue, Pakistani law enforcement agencies arrested some 7 accused on the charge of assisting the assailants; on the other hand, the Indian government has spent more than 90 days in investigations with little to show. Pakistan took rapid steps to apprehend the some accused of Mumbai carnage while it continues to wait for the results of the investigation into the Samjhota Express carnage.. He said that soon after the deadly incident of Mumbai, Indian government accused Zaki-ur-Rehman for his involvement and held him responsible and accused him as mastermind of the episode. According to Malik, just when Zaki was arrested by Pakistan, India shifted gear and now says that Hafiz Saeed is the mastermind of the attacks. Rehman Malik expressed regret over Indian reservations regarding Hafiz Saeeds release through thecourts, after he had been arrested by Pakistans law enforcement agencies. Pakistan also demanded some evidence form India regarding the Mumbai mayhem but at that time New Dehli had refused our demand by saying that India could only share information with Pakistan after getting permission from its court and Pakistan had respected the Indian decision. So Rehman asked why India now had problems accepting a court decision regarding Hafiz Saeed? He called upon India to respect our courts just as we abstain from criticising the Indian courts. Rehman Malik further said the trial against Mumbai attacks would be completed within four months. In reply to another query, he said: If the need arises then I will personally visit Balochistan to convince Bramdagh Bugti in the greatest interest of the country. While appreciating the role of tribal elders in the recent war against miscreants in NWFP areas, Malik said that they rendered countless sacrifices in fighting the scourge of terrorism. He also appreciated the armed forces role for the successful operation against the militants in Swat. To another query Rehman Malik divulged that after the death of Baitullah Mehsud, Chairman Tahrik-Taliban a banned militant outfit, Baitullah Mehsud have been distributed in seven different groups and they were fighting with each other.