KARACHI (APP) - A fifteen member delegation of USAID visited Trade Development Authority of Pakistan Friday to discuss possibilities of developing partnership between TDAP and USAID on trade development and export promotion and other related issues. TDAP Chief Executive Syed Muhibullah Shah briefed the members of the delegation on broadening the basket of exportable goods from Pakistan and highlighted areas which have greatest potential such as agro food, minerals, textiles and clothing, engineering, handicrafts and services sectors or Pakistan. He highlighted the features of new export strategy of TDAP and how it has been restructured to carry forward this strategy. USAID delegation leader Ms. Amy Meyer briefed the meeting about various components of Empower Pakistan Project of USAID with special reference to its components of trade, firms and knowledge and their contributions towards trade promotion. It was agreed that work plan will he jointly developed by TDAP and USAID to carry forward this partnership.