LAHORE - Thousands of people on Sunday sat in Aitkaf at various mosques in the City and across the country to spend last ten days of Ramazan in prayers to please the Almighty without leaving four walls of the worship place. As many as 2,500 persons would be observing 'Aitkaf from Friday evening here in the Jamia Mosque Data Darbar. A spokesman of Auqaf Department Punjab said about 300 men would also be observing Aitkaf in Badshahi Mosque, 80 in Wazeer Khan Mosque, 50 in Model Mosque Auqaf Colony. He said 'Sehri and 'Iftari would be provided to all 'Motekif in the Mosque of Data Darbar in collaboration with the philanthropists of the City. He said Auqaf Department with the cooperation of District Government has made foolproof security arrangements for the 'Motekif in Data Darbar Mosque. In addition to Minhaj-ul-Quran Aitkaf City and Jamia Masjid-al-Qadsia, hundreds of women sat in Aitkaf at their respective houses. Thousands of people, including women, went for Aitkaf at Minhaj-ul-Quran Aitkaf City. About 3,000 people, including women, sat in Aitkaf at Jamia Masjid-al-Qadsia. A tent city has been especially set up for the women, while similar tent cities, named after various sahabahs (companions of the Prophet-PBUH) have been set up for the men. Meanwhile, the intending Muslim convicts and under trial prisoners will observe 'Aitakaf in their respective barracks of the jail. The Prisons Department, on the special directive of the Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, has made elaborate arrangements of Sehri, Iftari, Taraveeh and five times regular prayers for the inmates. He said that all Jail Superintendents have made special arrangements for offering regular five times prayers besides Taraveeh in all barracks and Juma congregation in jail mosque. He said that the services of religious scholars and eminent Hafiz Quran have also been acquired to deliver a series of thought provoking and inspiring lectures to highlight the significance of the revelation of Holy Quran in this sacred month of Ramazan. He said that Christians and non-Muslim convicts have also been provided the services of Christian teachers. Inspector of Punjab Prisons Kaukab Nadeem said that best quality hygienic food as prescribed under the jail manual is being served to all prisoners including muslim inmates during Ramazan. DIGs, District and Sessions Judges, DCOs, DPOs and non-official visitors are paying surprise visit to jail within their territorial jurisdiction to check the quality of food and level of discipline and security arrangements, he added. Kokab said that a comprehensive programme has been mapped out to impart religious education to jail inmates during their confinement under the supervision of full time qualified trained religious teachers.