The Supreme Court finally decided that the pensioners beyond the age of 75 would get the initially deducted part of the pension restored with all the increases announced during the pension span in 2011. The Federal Government pensioners have received their pension accordingly.

The Punjab Provincial government, however, did not budge an inch. Some of the pensioners went to court and got their pension fixed according to the new formula of restoration. The Punjab Ombudsman directed the Punjab Government on April 24, 2013 to act on the Supreme Court order but alas nothing happened. The Ombudsman reiterated his directions to the Finance department of the Punjab government to act on Supreme Court order by the end of July, 2013. Yet nothing has happened. It further directed the Punjab Government on August 27, to do the same, with no results!

Well, the callousness of the ‘baboos’ is notoriously in our civil society. They must be expecting the 75 and above pensioners to die as many are destined. They will save the Punjab Government some money. Definitely the old pensioners are at a critical stage of their natural lives. However, one wonders how the Khadme Punjab is taking the entire issue? Is he waiting for the old pensioners to block the road to his residence making his entrance and exit impossible and create a scene on the streets of Lahore as done by other group of professional people?


Lahore. September 11.