Our much admired and adored rightly guided Caliphs served people and shared hardships and risks with them. Three out of four were martyred. Our rulers are neither serving properly nor sharing hardships and risks with people martyred in thousands, rather living in luxury under high security at their expense! Now, many rulers are in panic after the martyrdom of a brave minister and demanding even greater security including bulletproof cars at public expense.

Even by western standards, we have cowardly political rulers. At Waterloo, a British MP representing his government on horseback next to Duke of Wellington was killed. Sir Winston Churchill visited his troops when Normandy battle was raging, immediately followed by visit of King George. The Queen's son flew highly dangerous helicopter missions during Falkland war. Stalin's son in the army fought in WWII. He was taken as POW and killed by Nazis after Stalin refused to exchange him with a Nazi prisoner. So on. How many such examples can our political rulers can present to make us proud of them?

May I request only those political rulers who are scared, even in bunkers, at public expense, to please resign and go home or abroad and return when they feel safe. It will facilitate financial savings and allocation of their security resources for taxpayers.


Rawalpindi, August 20.