My heart goes out to the victims of tragedy in Makkah. Inna-lillahi-wa-inna-ilaihi-rajioon.

Had it been any other country there would have been calls for accountability, resignations and the regime would have been called murderers. But Saudi Arabia is an exception. And so we Muslims all around the world will keep praising the high lords who call themselves "Khadimain Harmain Sharifain". They will absolve themselves off any responsibility over the incident.

Human life is not sacred for the so-called kings sitting on the thrones of Saudi Arabia. They will whip anybody who speaks against them and gladly kill innocent civilians in Yemen. They will offer help to non-Muslims to invade other Muslim countries, close their borders to refugees, support pro-Wahabbi terrorists, reserve entire beaches in France, build 7-star hotels to make money from the enterprise known as Hajj, but they will not build hospitals to cater to tragedies. They will never accept their actual responsibility and will instead dub the tragedy an act of God.

They will usurp women rights, curb minorities and keep enslaving those coming to their country for job opportunities by using inhuman Kafala system. They will deport anybody disobeying the Kafeel, but when it comes to defending their borders, they will call for help from South Asia because they don’t have the guts, the ability or the bravery to fight for their own homeland. They won’t allow fellow Muslims equal rights, but they will continue mocking the entire Muslim world owing to their continuous support to the highest proponents of capitalism.

They will not take responsibility when innocent Muslims are stamped or burnt to death during Hajj. They will ask the families to mourn the deceased and pray for them, but the Saudis won’t be budged from their seats. Muslims will die every year while performing Hajj owing to negligence, incompetence and rigidness of the Saudis but they will keep calling themselves "Khadimain Harmain Sharifain”!

It’s high time the inhumane Saudi monarchy is challenged by the Muslim community and answers sought about continuous human rights violations and mockery of fellow Muslims.