Dear Mr. Khan,

I want to draw your kind attention towards energy crisis in Pakistan. Being a PTI chairman and great politician you gathered the nation, particularly the youth and were victorious in the 2013 general elections in KPK. PTI emerged as second largest party after PML-N in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, under your leadership in 2014, the sit-in of 126 days against rigging in elections was a fake exercise as per Supreme court JC findings. This sit-in damaged the good image of PTI as well as the economy of Pakistan. Also the youth is disappointed with your leadership.

The Kalabagh Dam, if constructed, would have a 3,600MW capacity of electricity generation. It would be helpful in alleviating poverty in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, as it would irrigate 800,000 acres of cultivable land that is located 100 to 150 feet above the level of River Indus.

I think if you want to win the hearts of people again you must organise a big sit-in for the construction of Kalabagh Dam and to address the energy crisis. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his PML-N was in favor of Kalabagh Dam in past. You should start a joint campaign with Prime Minister for fostering a broader consensus among all political parties in order to speed up the construction of Kalabagh Dam immediately.


Faisalabad, August 20.