a difference of opinion

S: It seems people are going crazy over scholarships, especially, the Fulbright Scholarship program offered by the US. I heard round 2000 people applied for it this time. But it’s good. Graduate school is very expensive. This helps a lot of Pakistanis.

A: I do not get the hype. I mean, if you do not have money, don’t go. These Americans and Europeans, make you beg for it. They think we owe them something. Why should we always be asking them for something? Our universities are good enough.

S: I’m sorry to break it to you, they are not. Except for one or two. And you need a good education to actually become something here. This is not a wishful world, where if someone likes your personality, or what you are saying, you will get the best job. There has to be something on paper as well. And the reality is, developed countries have a better education system. They actually spend money on it, invest in their students and also cater for us. Why is that such a bad thing?

A: I feel like all these scholarships are only a pawn for us, to keep on reminding everyone how much they ‘help’ us. One day, when they no longer need us to do their dirty work, they will stop giving us this aid.

S: Now who is being the pessimistic one? Well, one can never really know what their ulterior motive is, but if its helping us out, why not? We get great degrees, for free. Do you know how many people actually go abroad and study because of these scholarships… those who wouldn’t, if this opportunity was not there? Then the very same people do come back to do some good. Many leave, but many come back. I mean, beggars cannot be choosers here. If I see a good deal that can help me in my career, I am going to take it.