The fundamentals question is why is UAE is investing US$65 billion in infrastructure projects in India? It was the Indian Prime Minister's first visit to the UAE after 30 years. The joint communique issued is pointing fingers to wards Pakistan, holding it responsible for promoting religious terrorism in the world. Although every country has the right to decide its national interest and invest and promote its trade with any other country, but it is really very hard for Pakistani to understand UAE preferring India over Pakistan for such huge investment, when it is the Pakistani who are the leading investor in Dubai real estate. According to one estimate a Pakistani political leaders and businessman has over US$ 25 billion investment in UAE. Those in position of authority in Pakistan have the responsibility to change the foreign policy of appeasing Gulf States, allowing them to fund madrassas in Pakistan for the last 30 years. Iran is Pakistan's neighbour and a country with common culture and natural resources to meet Pakistan growing energy requirement. Our political leaders have looted the wealth of Pakistan and are investing in Gulf States and aboard. If our leaders are not having trust in Pakistan, then how will foreigner have confidence in Pakistan's future? Our leaders have never raised the questions with Gulf States leaders about the welfare of millions of Pakistani working there who are treated as a slaves, and thousands in their prisons without proper and fair trials. I have myself worked in Gulf States from 1978 to 1985 and have personal experience how they treat Pakistani Muslims brothers versus white skinned Americans and Europeans. ENGR. S. T. HUSSAIN, August 20.