UPPER DIR - The cattle markets in Upper Dir district witnessed scarcity of serious customers for buying sacrificial animals owing to the fear of Congo virus. In past these cattle markets were full of customers for buying sacrificial animals while those who had already bought animals also visit the markets to learn about the price.

The traders use all tactics for satisfaction of buyers to sell out their animals at all costs. But majority of people  is least interested in buying sacrificial animals due to fear of ‘Congo Virus’ and are hoping that sellers will sell animals on low prices this year as compared to last year  The Dir town being district headquarter is a busy and large bazzar, which has no free space for other activities except shops and a narrow bus terminal.

Last year a huge cattle market was set-up in the main bazzar, but this year it was established in the suburbs of the market owing to the fear of spreading Congo virus.

The breeders and sellers of sacrificial animals are disappointed as almost all the cattle markets were empty from customers.

The well off people said that they would be buying animals for sacrifices but owing to the fear of Congo virus, they were not ready to go to cattle markets.

The health department of Upper Dir has made arrangements in this regard and has set up spray-points at all entrance points to Dir and also carrying out spray to sacrificial animals.

Bashir Khan said that he wanted to buy an animal but he was afraid to go to the market. 

He also prized the efforts of the health department of Upper Dir for making proper arrangements to prevent Congo virus.  

A dealer of animals Aqal Wazir said, “I have more than 200 both big and small animals which I have bought on high rates and I have sold a few of them till now,” he said disappointedly.

Taimoor Jadoon, a big dealer of sacrificial animals said,”Fear on Congo Virus has strongly affected our sale as majority of buyers are in the state of fear. Public usually start buying sacrificial animals a month before of Eid every year but this year we are empty handed yet due to ‘Congo Virus’ in animals,” he said.

 He said that they invest millions of rupees in animals but they have fears that they could suffer huge losses this year.