KASUR-Eight persons including three women were killed in separate incidents of honour killing and violence here the other day.

According to police, a boy was found dead in Chak/46 of Sarai Mughal area. Some passersby spotted the dead body of a 17-year-old boy Rashid Ali in fields and informed the Sarai Mughal Police. On information, the police rushed to the spot and shifted the body for autopsy.

On the other hand, a prisoner died of a heart attack in Kasur District Jail. According to the jail sources, a murder convict namely Liaquat was serving life-imprisonment in the jail. The other day, he fell critically ill and was shifted to DHQ Hospital where he died.

In Chak/46 of Blair, a man was found dead in the maize crops. According to the Sarai Mughal Police, a complainant submitted an application to the police that two persons identified as Mubashar Haider and Irfan, along with other accomplices, had abducted his brother Rashid and took him to an unknown place. The police registered a case against the accused and even with hectic struggle made by the police, Rashid could not be found. The other day, his dead body was recovered from the maize crops. The police constituted six special teams to resolve the mystery behind his death.

In Mir Muhammad village, a labourer was found dead at a brick-kiln. The police said that Muhammad Ramazan, a resident of Khanewal, worked at the brick-kiln owned by Malik Bashir Ahmed. The other day, his tortured dead body was found from the kiln. The Raja Jang Police shifted the body to DHQ Hospital for autopsy.

In Ellahabad, a callous man shot his daughter for honour. The police said that the deceased identified as Zahida Bibi wished to marry against the will of her father at which Jafar shot her dead. The Ellahabad Police arrested the accused and registered a case against him.

In Khuddian, a married woman ended her life by taking wheat preservative pills over domestic issue.

In another incident, a man shot his daughter dead for honour in Ellahbad area. The accused identified as Rao Ajmal had suspected his daughter’s character. He used to admonish her to mind her ways but she turned a deaf ear to his advice. The other day, both quarrelled over the issue at which Ajmal got enraged and shot his daughter dead. The police shifted the body for autopsy and registered a case against the accused.

Meanwhile, the A-Division Police registered a case against two persons for shooting their brother dead over a property issue. According to police, the accused identified as Rafaqat and Asif shot their brother Sadaqat Ali dead a couple days ago over property issue. The police registered a case against the accused on complaint of Asmat Bibi, wife of the deceased.


A fiendish man raped a girl in Ellahabad. According to police, Ramazan, a resident of Jajjal area, submitted an application to police, alleging that his 18-year-old sister was alone at home when the accused Javed lured her away to the crops where he allegedly raped her. The Ellahbad Police registered a case against him.