KARACHI - Charged mob killed a bandit and wounded his brother in Orangi Town locality on Sunday.

Police said that the residents of the area caught both the bandits tried to rob a woman and started to beat them with sticks and other weapons while someone informed the Police Helpline 15 Madadgar about a crowd of people busy in torturing the two robbers in Orangi Town,” explained Orangi Town SHO Khan Muhammad Shaikh.

“It was very difficult for us to rescue them as the enraged crowd sought the justice on the spot. Police rushed to the spot but unable to rescue them while further contingents of police rushed on the spot to disperse the crowd.

Police immediately took them to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for medical treatment where one of them was succumbed to his injuries during treatment at hospital.

He was later identified as Fahad Ali alias Muhammad Ali while injured was identified as Talha Ali.  Police said that the both bandits were real brothers, residents of the same locality Orangi Town. The officer said that the injured robber also confessed the crime but defended himself, adding that the injured robber in his initial statement to the police revealed that he was riding a motorcycle while his elder brother was sitting on a back.

“I did not know that my brother intended to rob a purse from a woman. He just asked me to slowed down a motorcycle and as soon as I stopped a motorcycle, he attempted to snatch a purse from a woman. During this, the woman started shouting and due to her shouting, mob gathered and started chasing them and finally they caught both of them and started beating,” the injured robber who is now in police custody and kept detain at police lock-up told the police in his initial statement.

The officer said that the police also checked their criminal record and found their criminal record, adding that they (both) have had been involved in similar criminal activities in the past as cases against them are registered at the Iqbal Market police station of Orangi Town.

Three die in mishap

Two women and a minor boy were died in a road traffic accident late on Sunday evening in Korangi.

The women along with a child were standing at a bus stop at Matkay Wali Pulya in Korangi when a speedy bus hit and run. The victims were transported to the JPMC where doctors pronounced them dead. Korangi DSP Ghulam Nabi Wago said that the accident occurred when the bus went out of control due to unexplained reasons of the driver and hit the women and a child standing at a bus stop, adding that the police have detained a driver of a bus while also impounded a bus.

The officer said that the crowd of people also gathered at the stop and attempted to disturb law and order situation, however, the police reached the site and calm the situation down. The identities of the victims have yet to be ascertained. No case has been registered.