Islamabad - The dangerous practice of one-wheeling goes high during Eid holidays on busy roads of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Twin-cities highways where this dangerous practice continues unchecked include Murree Road, Kashmir Highways, 9th avenue, 7th avenue, Committee Chowk, Nawaz Sharif Park Road and Islamabad Expressway. Young motorcyclists, mostly without helmets, can be seen one-wheeling on the above high-ways. People have time and agian urged the authorities to adopt effective measures to counter one-wheeling.

Many young motorcyclists have lost lives in fatal accidents while one-wheeling. “These youngsters not only endanger their own lives but also pose a serious threat to others by indulging in one-wheeling. They also interrupting the traffic flow”, said a resident.

When contacted to Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) an official said,”Some of these motorcyclists were arrested from different areas of the city for one-wheeling, but this trend was increasing every day,number of wardens had been deployed at various roads to control this dangerous practice” he added.