Hafsa Khaled

It is unfortunate for our motherland that after our great founder, it suffered dearth of visionary and committed leaders. Many a times our constitution has been tampered with by ambitious and insolent dictators.

To add insult to the injury, our politicians and bureaucracyalso did not stay true to their oaths and did not help much to save the country from numerous political instabilities. We have never let democracy flourish at least for two decades continuously, so that its roots could become strong and the people reaped its fruits at the fullest.

Political unrests have always been created to end a democratically-elected government, and the brunt of this whole process is borne by the state and the people. These days once again our dear country is facing a political turmoil, which is being created by the so-called saviors of democracy, who are themselves bent upon derailing the smooth democratic process. Isn’t it an irony that these elements are championing democracy by destroying democracy itself, because they are asking for the end of the sitting democratically elected government?

If we do not let democracy flourish and each time some elements with vested interests will dismantle it, how will the people enjoy the real fruits of democracy? Examples of European democratic governments are given which do not fit in the case of Pakistan. Pakistan is a very young state as compared to these countries which have been witnessing democracy since centuries, whereas Pakistan has never tasted a long, healthy and continuous democratic set-up. That will only be possible if we will strengthen our democratic institutions instead of dismantling them over petty issues.

Pakistan today is facing far mightier problems like terrorism, rule of law, international pressures, Indian threat, energy crisis and law and order. Civilized nations always give weightage to the resolution of such threatening problems. Hitting the roads for sit-ins and protests are not going to solve these issues. The continuity of democratic institutions, good governance and visionary leadership are the key to the solution.

In taking the country towards the right direction, the opposition also has a positive role to play. Since the Panama controversy came in the limelight, some elements have been using the issue to their own vested interests. In this process they are harming the state and functioning of the state to a great extent.

Disqualification of the Prime Minister is being politicised, and the politics of blame-game is going on. The Prime Minister has offered himself and his family for accountability, then why is hype over the issue is being created? Now the office of the National Speaker is being blamed and made controversial which is highly condemnable. The speaker is the custodian of the House and he should not be maligned through baseless allegations. Some opposition members have blamed the speaker for showing partisan attitude over references, seeking the disqualification of the Prime Minister and Imran Khan.

But the truth is quite the opposite as all the references have been sent to the ECP. This is also not true that the speaker did not let the PTI lawmakers speak in the recent session, as one of their lawmakers did speak and blamed the speaker in the most derogatory way.

The decision of forwarding the references was taken by the speaker as per the documentary evidence attached with each reference and all eight references had been forwarded to the ECP for necessary action within the next 90 days. It should be clear to the opposing members that the speaker’s office is neither an investigative agency nor a court.

The agitation, protests and the allegations show a total lack of respect for the parliament and parliamentary traditions. The ones blaming the speaker and disrespecting the parliament are the ones who insulted the dignity of this esteemed House by chanting slogans against it on top of containers.

The ones asking for the disqualification of the Prime Minister have themselves been charged with the same money laundering, off-shore companies and undeclared assets. These political figures have no right to question the legality of the sitting government as their own conducts are not transparent enough and they are pursuing this agenda based on personal vendetta only.

At this point Pakistan needs a committed and hardworking leadership with the democratic process in continuity without its derailment. Petty politics and personal vendettas are not going to solve the problems of the common Pakistani. It is not going to put food in his mouth, give him shelter and clothes and provide him with basic health facilities and employment.

The government and the opposition should work together towards the development of the country in every single way instead of playing blame-games. Overthrowing the democratic government is not the solution, but the continuity of democratic process is.