Islamabad  - With only two days left before Eid-ul-Azha, blacksmiths and knife sharpeners are having busy days in twin cities. Butchers were attracting a number of customers due to their decorated handles and sharp-edged instruments. Special machines have been installed at various shops to sharpen knives, axes, beef cutters and meat cleavers along with selling barbeque instruments.

The sale of butchers’ appliances including knives, cutters and stand blades and oven, has recorded increase ahead of Eid-ul-Azha as those businessmen who were selling other items in different bazaars have also set up their stalls and sharpening machines to take advantage of occasion.

Ordinary shopkeepers as well as professional blacksmiths belonging to far-flung areas and suburbs have rushed to sell these tools in different areas of G-13, I-10 Markaz, Aabpara, Melody, Bhara Kahu and Rawat localities.

Haroon Raza, a blacksmith in Aabpara who was hammering on a burnt iron sheet to make a sharp knife said, “We have got a contract to deliver 10 iron sheets and 20 different kinds of knife from a butcher house at Bhara Kahu ahead of Eid. Before Eid-ul-Azha, we have a very busy and hectic schedule, whereas we have less work during rest of the year.”

Another stallholder, Nazir Khan, said that these were exceptional days for them and they can do full business. Similarly, vendors were seen roaming on bicycles to sell tools for sacrifice, besides offering services to sharpen the rusted slaughter equipment.

Meanwhile, the residents of the twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi can be seen thronging shopping malls and cattle markets.

The Eid shopping is on its peak here at almost all the major markets and bazaars of the city. The people were seen rushing to buy dresses, household items and sacrificial animals. Women were busy in buying clothes, footwear, cosmetics, henna, bangles and other items.

While men were visiting makeshift cattle markets to buy goats, rams, heifers and camels for their Eid-ul-Azha sacrifices. Big crowds of girls were witnessed on Saturday evening on bangles and henna stalls in various areas of city. Shopkeepers have decorated their shops with colourful lights to attract customers.

Farhan Ahmed, a local said, “It is difficult to buy sacrificial animal as well as clothes and other accessories. The prevailing price-hike is limiting me to be content with buying clothes only for my children he added”.

Faiza, a visitor to the Commercial Market, said buying bangles and henna was always one of the greatest Eid thrills. “Like every year, I’ll spending almost the whole night with my friends, visiting markets and buying bangles and other accessories,” she added.

She said shopkeepers were exploiting the Eid shopping frenzy and were overcharge customers.

A shopkeeper Inaam Ullah at Raja Bazaar said a great number of shoppers were thronging markets and that he was having a good business.

Meanwhile, different brands of clothes and other accessories have started offering sale in connection with Eid-ul-Azha celebrations, attracting large number of visitors of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.  Eid-ul-Azha is a cultural festivity which is celebrated with full passion and joy. Everyone expresses love for their family members and children in different ways. Brands are also showing their passion by offering different sales on their products like hands bags, sunglasses, watches, scarfs and dresses.

Salesman at a brand store said, “Every year our brand and a number of other brands offer sale to attract visitors in connection with Eid-ul-Azha.” A housewife Farzana Hameed said “I usually buy stuff during this season as rates remain somewhat fair.”