Facebook has become so common among teens, youngsters and even the elderly. Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook to enhance their lives as a part time activity. Facebook and especially internet are the socially connecting ways and sometimes they create so many distractions that the students do not find time for their family members and disregard their responsibilities.

In addition to that, Facebook is quite addictive; once you get started you will find yourself checking it every day such that you’re hooked. Nearly 85 percent of college students log on to Facebook every day according to research. Instead of students concentrating on their homework or studying for a big test the next day, they are spending hours scrolling through pictures, making comments, and chatting with friends on the site’s instant messenger.

In fact, Facebook usage for a long time has caused lowering of grades and an overall prominent downfall in academics. Facebook usage and internet surfing has disrupted sleep awake schedules and made the youth minor insomniacs. Internet friendships have become a common trend and cyber bullying and frauds through fake accounts have also increased. According to research, while the goal of Facebook is to bring people together it has actually been considered a great cause in breakups.

To sum it up, Facebook is a cause for insecurities complexities, as it makes people compare themselves to others. Students forget about their other duties and indulge in this addiction for hours and hours a day. It is rightly said that access of everything is bad. Limiting the use of Facebook to an appropriate time limit per day is what students should consider to adopt.


Dadu, August 18.