LAHORE: The local authorities have decided to roll back a previous decision to use the FC College grounds as parking spaces for the public during the International Independence Cup being held at the Gaddafi Stadium.

The reversal came after a campaign against the appropriation of the college grounds was launched by students and faculty on social media. Students argued for the preservation of the sanctity of the university as a private institution, and also expressed concern about the environmental impact of letting vehicles to be parked all across the main grounds. An online petition aimed at highlighting the issue garnered over 1,000 signatures in just two days. The FC College student body had planned peaceful protests for Monday as well.

The reversal led to widespread jubilation across the student community, as they felt relieved at the positive response of the government with regards to the peaceful protest campaign. The authorities promptly ordered their subordinates to dismantle the lighting and tents that had been set up in the FC College grounds. The local authorities have reacted very positively in this regard.

The FC College administration agreed to a compromise on the use of its designated Parking Lot by the public in favour of the greater good. Although the use of its parking lot has unfortunately forced the university to remain closed for the duration of the tournament, the university administration has been reassured by the local authorities that future events at Gaddafi Stadium would not hamper the day to day activities of FC College.

The university administration has agreed to fully cooperate with the authorities in light of the recent developments and in the interest of international cricket returning to Pakistan. The administration has also planned to showcase the cricket match on a big screen in its historic Sinclair Hall for the people living in campus premises.