MULTAN-Speakers at a seminar underlined the importance of ideological and geographical frontiers of country, saying the geographical boundaries were safeguarded by Pakistan Army and ideological religious circles.
The seminar titled “Difa-e-Khatam-e-Nubuwat o Difa-e-Pakistan” was organised by Tehrik Fidayan-e-Khatam-e-Nubuwat here on Monday.
Speaking on this occasion, Dr Hafiz Khubaib Ahmad Jamal, Qari Arshad Abbas, Qari Muhammad Abdullah, Muhammad Abid, Hafiz Muhammad Moazzam and others said that the only way to accomplish two nation theory was to safeguard both the fronts. They pointed out that entire nation backed Pakistan Army on September 6, 1965 for the defence of the motherland then Pakistan Army and nation stood with the parliament on September 7, 1974 for the protection of the ideological frontiers of the country.
They claimed that Qadianis did not recognise the status of Pakistan Army as stated in the constitution. “Therefore the army should take a strict action against this group for violation of constitution,” they demanded. They said that the group not just denied Khatam-e-Nubuwat but also opposed the ideological and geographical boundaries of Pakistan under the guise of minority rights.
Through unanimously adopted resolutions, the participants of the seminar demanded the government to remove Qadianis from all civilian and military key posts and celebrate September 7 officially like September 6.
Pakistani citizens continued to express solidarity with oppressed Rohingya Muslims as the activists of different parties under the banner of Qaumi Milli Yakjehti Council and staged separate demonstration here on Monday.
The protesters strongly condemned brutalities on part of Burmese army and demanded immediate international intervention to get stopped the genocide of Muslims. They carried out non-stop sloganeering against Burma and UN.
Addressing the protesters gathered by the Qaumi Yakjehti Council, Allama Rasheed Arshad Kashmiri of PML-N Ahmad Mujtaba Gillani of PPP, Zohaib Gillani of PML-Q, Abdul Mohsin Shaheen of JI, Allama Khalid Mahmood Nadeem of Jamiat Ahle Hadith and others said that the criminal silence of international community and UNO was highly condemnable. They warned that the Rohingya crisis could jeopardise international peace. They demanded Pakistan Government to raise a very strong voice for the oppressed Rohingyas and pressurise Burma to stop the genocide.
Similarly, a large number of traders assembled at Delhi Gate Chowk and staged a demo. They demanded UNO and OIC to press Burma to stop ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas and offer them citizenship.
Speaking on this occasion, Singhataullah Ansari, Rana Wajid, Abdul Latif Qureshi and others said that poor Rohingyas were facing oppression and genocide for years but the whole world including so called flag bearers of humanity kept mum. They demanded Muslim states to offer refuge and citizenship to the poor Rohingya Muslims. They stressed upon the Pakistan Government to play a lead role for resolving Rohingya crisis. They said that mere condemnation resolutions could not achieve anything, asking the world to take practical steps to prevent Rohingyas from genocide.
They said that the trading community of Pakistan was willing to support poor Rohingyas and they were ready to dispatch aid goods like food, medicines, clothes and blankets to them.