The relationship between the USA and China has been under a plethora of complex misunderstanding. The policy of the US——a unipolar state—— has become ambitious and resource-thirsty for the world’s resourceful countries. The US policy against China is totally hegemonic, and the nation supports India as America’s important ally in Asia to destabilize China’s economic projects—— CPEC and OBOR.  

But, the US has to heartily realize that China has been rapidly growing towards an economical powerful nation in the world. Besides, Russia has also shown a desire to connect its economic corridors with China’s projects. In this context, the US will be highly affected, if the two countries are economically connected. 

The US is no more the global hegemon, as it behaves like so. Despite solving the Middle East unprecedented crises, Donald Trump has been more fuelling the fire in such regions. More importantly, the US should revamp its harsh policies and responsibly take efforts in finding solutions for the devouring problems in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Kashmir and many other parts of the world. 


Shikarpur Sindh, August 17.