SIALKOT/SAROGDHA - A PTI leader hoped betterment in the national state of affair while a PML-N leader said that the present government would not be able to fight the problems being faced by the country.

PML-N senior leader Pir Farooq Bahawal Haq Shah has said that all the conspiracies against his leader Nawaz Sharif have been exposed.

He was Prime Minister Imran Khan has obtained the powers but PTI would never be able to remove the rigging spot from its face. He was addressing the PML-N workers at New Satellite Town Sargodha. He said that Imran Khan failed to fulfill his tall claims as the people of country were suffering different issues.

He said that new government could not maintain effective economic policy as inflation was not being controlled. He said PML-N government had provided best facilities of life for the people and restrained the giant of loadshedding. He said it also defeated terrorism. He said that CPEC project is the gift from Nawaz Sharif. He said that love for Nawaz Sharif could not be removed from the hearts of people.

Meanwhile, PTI Central Leader Umer Dar said that Pakistan got worldwide reorganization and identification as a fabulous Islamic welfare state under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Addressing a meeting of the party workers at Jinnah House Sialkot, Umer Dar said that the golden principles of Father of The Nation were the everlasting agenda of national development.

He added that the PTI government under the  leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan was making hectic efforts to make it a developed country as envisaged by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

The district administration has banned the entry of 22 Ulema in Sialkot district during Muharram. These Ulema belonged to different sects. They include: Maulana Abdul Rasheed, Qari Abdul Qadeer Khamosh, Abdullah Nisar, Atta Ullah Bundialvi, Ziaul Haq, Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi,  Yahya Mohsin, Qari Kafayat Ullah, Abdul Karim Jhangvi, Ali Muaviya Shah, Abdul Hameed Nadeem, Riaz Hussain Haidari,  Gulfam Hussain Hashmi, Munawar Hussain Sohdra, Syed Muhammad Taqi, Abdul Hakim, Allama Syed Sajid Ali Naqvi, the president of Millat-e-Jafaria Pakistan), Baqir Hussaini, Asghar Yazdani, Abid Ali Raza, Azhar Abbas Haidari and Maulana Khadim Hussain Rizvi.